Financial Corner

Financial Corner

As Catholics we have to be more conscious of our financial decisions, not less.  While it is important to create and follow plans that provide for your future needs, protect your family in the case of an emergency or tragedy, and grows assets for generational wealth, it is also important how this gets done.

Think about the organizations you have trusted with your investments.

Do you really know how they invest your money?

Do they research every investment security to ensure that company is not involved in: – abortion – contraception – human cloning – embryonic stem cell research – for-profit health care that pays for any of these – pornography

The immediate answer is, “probably not.”

But if you invest your retirement and your future and you family’s future in Knights of Columbus Insurance products, the answer is a resounding, “Yes! Knights of Columbus excludes any company engaged in activity that conflicts with Catholic moral teaching.”

It’s not a game of chess. Where your money goes affects our future and the future of the dignity of life.